Creating The Perfect Outside

Creating The Perfect Outside

Your roof is the largest feature on the outside of your home – without being well maintained this can have serious effects on the interior of your house, as well as the outside. It even pays off to have an attractive build as it improves the look of your house and can change it into something much different.

So what type of roof can do it best?

The installation of a flat roof can transform your home from being drab and boring, to the most exciting house on the block.

We have been providing roofing advice in Suffolk for many years.roof-plate

A New Flat Roof installed in Felixstowe, Suffolk can provide real benefits, warmer and more comfortable rooms, lower energy bills and an improved HIP rating for a start.

Flat Roof Options:

  • Alwitra single ply membrane – The ultimate system in flat roofing
  • Firestone – A one piece flat roofing system
  • Tectofin RV – Acrylic synthetic rubber method
  • Fibre Glass – No leaks, no rotting and non slip
  • Liquid Rubber – For a seamless waterproof membrane
  • EPDM rubber roofing – Lasts up to 50 years
  • Asphalt – Continuous waterproof covering
  • Anderson torch-on  – High performance approved layers
  • High performance Built Up Felt – 180 and 250 polyester

Our target is to provide you with the best possible flat roofing solutions which will both enhance the look of your home, and protect it from the elements.

Embrace Your Outdoor Space with Blinds and Awnings

Another dependable solution for expanding your home into the great outdoors is to buy and install an awning to the exterior of your home. You’ll be surprised at the contemporary designs available. If you’re really looking to revitalise your outdoor space, blinds and awnings make a great combination.

By browsing and purchasing blinds and awnings made of the highest quality, you can ensure that they’ll guarantee you maximum protection from the sun, even on the hottest days!

If you’re looking for something to provide shade across a large area, shade sails might be exactly what you’re looking for.