Getting your new home ready after a move

Getting your new home ready after a move

Start unpacking

The first thing that has to be undone is all of the box unpacking.

It’s often the most boring and long part of the job – but it is the most important and already has your house looking more like your home.

Many people do it in different ways. Some may do it in order of the biggest box to the smallest box, whilst some others may do it on a room-to-room basis.

Whatever is easier for you is the best way to do it.

Hint: always be sure to label your boxes before your move so it saves you time.

Do a full-house cleaning

When you are done with the unpacking you might notice exactly how much rubbish is in the house. No one expects it to have so much rubbish, but it’s always best to be prepared.

Regardless if you do it after unpacking a room, or after the whole house is unpacked, it would be beneficial to do a full-house clean up and put all the unwanted items to one side.

The hardest thing to get rid of when cleaning is all the unwanted rubbish and waste that takes up a lot of room.

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Why take the chance of doing your rubbish removal which will require your own time and resources? Rubbish Clearance is the specialists at getting rid of household waste in time for a new move. 

Make a list of things to do the next day

Moves are tiring and not everything can be done within one day.

Whatever you can’t do on a moving day, make a note of the remainder of things that you have not yet done.

It might be small things like:

  • Say hi to all of the new neighbours
  • Inform banks, work and schools about the new address
  • Stock up on enough food to keep the household fed for a week

Don’t focus on doing everything in one day. Fully moving into a new house takes time, so do as much as you can on the first day and get the remainder done in the following days.