How to add value and privacy to your home

If there are two things homeowners and even prospective buyers want from their property it’s to add value and increase the privacy to their property. And who can really blame them?

Privacy in your home is a must-have.

It helps you to feel safe and secure and allows you to go about your business without the fear of nosy bypassers peering through.

So, why not add value to your home and increase its privacy at the same time?

And believe it or not, it can be done without even breaking the bank. Here’s how…

1. Timber Floors

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There are no other flooring products that actually compare to timber floors. In comparison to carpet, which only lasts at most 15 years, timber floors actually will last over 100. This means that there is nothing more durable on the market, or nothing as stylish.

On top of this, timber floors require little to no maintenance whatsoever and are incredibly easy to clean.

This is because they don’t store dirt like carpet and adds a great touch of premium quality to your home, which can make it feel more expensive.

Timber floors are also a great natural and sustainable material, unlike other floor coverings, which take their toll on nature.


Benefits of hardwood flooring:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean

2. Wood or timber Shutters Anyone?

Another sustainable resource is timber shutters. They are a great extra layer for privacy and protection and are great at keeping out cold air as well as hot heats in the summertime.

They have warm, natural tones, which will make your home look more expensive and can fit any style from traditional to modern and is truly timeless.

And when it comes to colour choices and complete customisation the choice is endless, which means that you will find something perfect for you.

As they are very easy to maintain and keep clean, all you will need to do is vacuum or dust the blinds every other week to remove dust.

Benefits of timber shutters include Low maintenance, Added privacy and protection and are v easy to keep clean. More here.

3. Other ways to add value to your home

  • Loft conversions
  • Apply for planning permission
  • Take care of your garden and exterior with landscaping
  • Makeover your bathroom