Is an Electrical certificate necessary when selling your home?

Is an Electrical certificate necessary when selling your home?

It is highly recommended to have an Electrical Certificate that ensures your electrical installations are fit for purpose

What is an electrical certificate

The electrical installation condition report is an overview of each electrical installation on the property and confirms its safety.

Do you need an electrical certificate in order to sell your home?

Not necessarily.

If you are selling your hose it is not a legal requirement that you provide buyers with an electrical certificate.

Whilst the certificate is not needed, it is recommended by the National Inspections Council that a full inspection of all electrical installations before the property is bought, though this responsibility is on the buyer rather  than the seller, which may mean they will ask to see the certificate, in which case it is better to provide such documentation.

What other certification should I have?

As of January 2005, if you have had any major electrical work done, you should provide a Part P Building Regulation certificate when selling your property, this information should be passed on to the next owner once it is sold.

Local authorities have the power to force you to remove work done if it does not meet building regulation standards and this legislation applies to all properties, including extensions and conservatories.

This can be on work as small as installing a new electrical circuit. Therefore it is important you find the right electrician that is fully qualified, with a range of experience and services to offer, such as  Brisbane (AUS) based Speedy Electrical. For London choose

Do the same rules apply to properties for rent?

Again, there is no official legislation that requires you as a landlord to provide an electrical certificate, although as a landlord, you are however legally required to make sure that your tenants are safe at all times, in terms of the property, therefore if you have safe electrical installations there is no reason why you wouldn’t offer an electrical certificate.

How long will it take to get a report?

All good electricians provide you with an electrical report with varying prices, but it is not guaranteed to be a quick process. If it is a fairly new installation or a smaller job, a report can be done within a few hours. However, if the work is older, bigger or more complicated it can take longer.