Mortgages, remortgages and finance to suit your needs

Mortgages, remortgages and finance to suit your needs

In today’s world finding finance is becoming increasingly difficult, Housing Today, The one stop shop for mortgages and remortgages could give you access to many loan & mortgage providers and advice so you can choose the right property loan for you.

With so many different lenders available, we could help you find loans or mortgages in a variety of different circumstances, with cheaper low rates for customers with a clean credit history, through to specialised loan plans for people who may have been refused credit in the past. Click here for mortgage advice.

Housing Today wants to help you reduce your monthly outgoings. Perhaps you want to reduce your monthly bills with an insurance comparison service with many of the leading car & home insurance providers. Our staff could also help you switch energy providers to reduce your monthly electric, gas & phone bills.

In addition to helping you save money, Housing Today could advise you on how to make the most out of your savings.

How to finance your property development?

Once you have correctly counted all project costs, you can then assess how profitable your project could end up being. This information may be required by your lender.

Housing Today recommends a private lender compared to a bank as the approval and transfer of money is much faster, meaning you can begin your project sooner, rather than later.  Contact Hunter Finance for more information on how you can fund your project and receive development finance.