The best way to choose an electrician

The best way to choose an electrician

Five key things to consider when choosing an electrician

It can be difficult to find the right tradesperson for you when having any work done in your home, especially when you want quality work for a good price. Below are the five most important factors to consider when choosing an electrician


Right tradesman

The number one factor to consider when choosing a contractor is whether they are authorised to do the job. Having a licensed tradesperson guarantees that the job will be done safely and correctly as they will have all of the necessary training and qualifications.

You should always ask for the relevant information and documents, such as a license and insurance. They must be in date. You should be aware that some licenses and insurance have restrictions so it is important to check that they cover the work you need to be done. Contact us for more information.

Qualifications and experience

All tradespeople work at different levels, therefore it is important to know what level your electrician can work at. Master electricians have a minimum of three years experience and guarantee a 12-month warranty on their work. NVQ & Courses for Fully Qualified Electricians Explained.

Of course, choosing a master electrician means you will be paying a higher fee, but it secures you the highest quality of workmanship and safety. This also means that they will have additional knowledge and can advise you on ways to be energy efficient in order to save money in the future.

Value for money

In general, you should get at least three different quotes, this way you can asses each potential contractor and decide which one suits your requirements best.

A price breakdown is advised within the quote so that the comparisons can be clear and precise and you can consider important factors such as the cost of materials, labour, etc.


Getting a recommendation from a previous user of their service is always important, especially if you know and trust their opinion as this ensures that they provide a good service. If you cant get a personal recommendation, you can always ask them for a referee or you can check their online reviews, although you must be wary of this option as they are not always genuine.

Attitude and communication

It is important to take note of the attitude and communication skills of your contractor. Things to take into consideration include punctuality to the quote, their appearance, if they have good communication skills, for example, confidence in talking to you about the job and ability to answer any questions you have.

Choosing the right electrician checklist:

  • fully licensed and insured
  • a fair quote
  • experience in your specific needs
  • are they recommended
  • are they a professional

Following these steps will help secure the right electrician for you.